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FORUM : PC - forum : Why cant the magnetic pump idle? How to maintain?
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icon Why cant the magnetic pump idle? How to maintain?

Magnetic pump, also known as magnetic drive pump, is mainly made of engineering plastic or stainless steel. It plays an important role in the machinery manufacturing industry. Friends who have used the magnetic pump for a long time know that the magnetic pump cannot idle. Then, why can't it idle? Let's analyze it together today!

Prevent the magnetic cylinder from locking

If you have ever known the structure of the magnetic pump, you must know that the engineering plastic magnetic pump has a magnetic cylinder. What is the cooling of the magnetic cylinder? In fact, it depends on the medium of the magnetic pump. If the magnetic pump is idling, the normal state of the magnetic cylinder will be affected. It may cause the magnetic cylinder to lock, and then cause the magnetic pump to work abnormally.

Limited pump opening

If the magnetic pump wants to operate, it must be lubricated. So, how to lubricate? In fact, it depends on the medium of the magnetic pump. If there is no magnetic pump medium, the magnetic pump will face the problem of difficulty in starting the pump.

High temperature demagnetization

The design and working principle of the magnetic pump are related to the magnetic field, so we must ensure the stability of the magnetic field. When the magnetic pump is in the idle state, the temperature of its core components will rise, and the high temperature will have a certain impact on the magnetic field, and then cause demagnetization. In addition, you should know that the outer magnet assembly and the inner magnet assembly are the main components of the magnetic pump.

Why can't the stainless steel magnetic pump idle? After listening to the introduction of Xiaobian, I think you should have a clear idea. The above is the answer that Xiaobian will bring to you today. No matter what kind of magnetic pump, no matter what kind of equipment, it has a certain service life. If you want to extend the service life, you should timely maintain it in daily life. Then, how to maintain the magnetic pump? First, we should ensure that the magnetic pump is not cut off and there is no impurity in the magnetic pump. If the magnetic pump commits any of the above two taboos, it will cause certain damage to the bearing. Bearing is an important component of the magnetic pump. If it is affected, it will definitely shorten the service life of the magnetic pump. Second, we should pay attention to the proportion of liquid to be transported. If the proportion of liquid to be transported is too large, it will lead to insufficient lift. In addition, the impeller is damaged or there is a certain amount of air in the transmission medium, which also leads to this phenomenon. I hope you can avoid it as much as possible. Third, on weekdays, we should often check the suction pipe of the magnetic pump to see if there is air leakage. Especially when the magnetic pump cannot pump liquid, we should pay more attention to this problem.
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FORUM : PC - forum : Why cant the magnetic pump idle? How to maintain? New Topic Post Reply

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